Solar Central Inverters Profesional Services


Professional Engineering Services


We will assessthe defect and create a report you can show your insurance orthe manufacturer.



We dispose we own advanced monitoring system


If the central inverteris broken, we will repair it. Regardlessthe manufacturerortype.


 If a repair is not possible, we will procurea new or secondhand replacement parts for your invetrer.

Our knowledge


As part of our engineering service offerings, we specialize mainly in repair of wind converters and solar central inverters


Our fingers were kept on the pulse of the challenges and trendsshaping the industry over the last 20 years.


Our combined sector experience reaches 63 years. We are insiders and we know what we are doing.



Our offer

Based on customers’ specific requirements we can design solutions and prepare a quotation for any activities relating to services of solar central inverters:

✓ individual plans based on a prior agreement 

✓ service support programmers 

✓ annual preventive controls 

✓ up to 48 hours emergency service  

We know how to extend the life of your

Central Inverter