Distraction from using your cell phone

while driving is no longer an issue

We’ve all seen it.

Many of us have probably done it.


- A quick social media update at a red light. 

A text to let a friend know you’re running late. 

A double tap on a photo while stuck in traffic.


How  addicted are you to your mobile phone?


Keeping yours and other's life safe on the road is your own responsibility.


4 Drive , a product designed and dedicated to driving safety, which aims to prevent distraction from using cell phone while driving.  
Using your mobile phone while driving is not only illegal, but  is also highly dangerous. It can be compared to driving with your eyes closed! 

Keep your eyes on the road with 4 Drive

After months of hard work and dedication, our first prototype is ready! Still ugly but it provides a simple, cost-effective solution to improve driving safety.


The system is called 4 Drive and is aimed to save humans’ lives.


It relies on integrated hardware device wirelessly connected to the driver's phone. 


4 Drive allows you to take calls, play music and use GPS only from the Car Active Info Display. It doesn’t allow you to touch and look at your phone while driving.  

Why 4 Drive

A few good reasons to use 4 Drive! 

Subsctiption free product


4 Drive is a subscription free product. The application would be available for download from the App Store or Google Play.


Solution that cannot be bypassed


4 Drive combines hardware and software module, which makes the system hard to be bypassed .





Additional features


A bunch of additional features to add extra value, including phone charging port. Intuiter has an optional feature - peripheral module car "Black Box”.



4 Drive Helps You

So many reasons to use 4 Drive! 

Concentration on the Road


Concentrate on the road by putting away your mobile phone in a specially designed case and avoid temptation to use it while driving. 

Safe and Responsible Driving


Losing your concentration, or even just taking your eyes off the road briefly, can quickly cause an incident. It’s up to you as the driver to keep your concentration on driving. Intuiter can help you drive safely and responsibly. 

Real-time Monitoring and Control


Intuiter device will send immediate notifciations to the administrator or parent in case the driver is trying to use the phone while driving.

Coming Soon

Download the Applicaton

Here you can dowload Intuiter Application



  Monitor your teen on all your devices


  Get instant locations


  Receive immediate alerts and notifiaitons for all events

4 Drive is a cause.

Are you an Investor? 

Our recent achievements

Intuiter has been awarded first place in the category Entrepreunership with a Cause at the Annual  B2B Media Awards 2019. 

A big thank you to the team, the jury and B2B Media for this honour. 

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