Distraction from using your cell phone

while driving is no longer an issue


How  addicted are you to your mobile phone? Keeping yours and other's life safe on the road is your own responsibility.

Intuiter designed a product dedicated to driving safety, which aims to prevent distraction from using cell phone while driving.  

Using your mobile phone while driving is not only illegal, but  is also highly dangerous. It can be compared to driving with your eyes closed! 


Intuiter is an innovative device - the right solution to prevent distraction from your cell phone while driving. 


Keep your eyes on the road with Intuiter and arrive safe! 


Take your eyes off the phone.

It can save lives!

Intuiter Helps You

So many reasons to use Intuiter! 

Concentration on the Road


Concentrate on the road by putting away your mobile phone in a specially designed case and avoid temptation to use it while driving. 

Safe and Responsible Driving


Losing your concentration, or even just taking your eyes off the road briefly, can quickly cause an incident. It’s up to you as the driver to keep your concentration on driving. Intuiter can help you drive safely and responsibly. 

Real-time Monitoring and Control

Intuiter device will send immediate notifciations to the administrator or parent in case the driver is trying to use the phone while driving.

Distracted Driving is a Growing Threat

Distracted driving is a serious and growing threat

to road safety. With more and more people owning mobile phones, and the rapid introduction of new “invehicle” communication systems, this problem is likely to escalate globally in the coming years.